Welcome Day 2014

Welcome Day 2014

Fortunately nobody got wrapped with fondue cheese or lost the bread in the pot. We spent a funny evening in the restaurant on the top of Gurten, first on the terrace with punch and chestnuts and then inside the restaurant with Swiss cheese fondue.


However some students had to get used to the fondue, it was a good introduction to Swiss culture to pass.

After the meal several students decided to climb up the tower next to the restaurant. The rest of them was probably eager to go down town to visit the different clubs Ben Hochreutener (ESN) presented during the event.


  • Many thanks to Ben Hochreutener for the presentation of Erasmus Student Network and the information bags for the students.
  • Thanks to the International Relations Office for the invitation to this event.




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Doris Hennebert-Studer

International Relations Office