Welcome Day September 2013

Welcome Day September 2013

The International Student Welcome Day of the University of Applied Sciences took place in Bern, on Friday, 20th of September.


At 5.30 p.m., with a fantastic weather, more than 40 students (a record!!) met at the Bundesplatz. A comfortable scooter ride (trottinet) took the team down the historic streets of Bern’s Old Town. The tour guides entertained the groups with anecdotes from past and present times while passing in front of the famous sights and monuments.


Afterwards the whole group gathered at the restaurant Le mazot, close to the Bundesplatz, to enjoy a typical Swiss aperitif with cheese and dry meat from the canton of Wallis. Of course white Swiss wine and Egger beer were not lacking either – the chats were stimulating, personal meetings simple, the atmosphere relaxed.


The event was closed by ESN handling out a bag with practical information, survival guide and Swiss chocolate.

The evening continued for some students who promised to “paint the town in red that night!”

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Doris Hennebert-Studer

International Relations Office