Welcome Event 18th September 2015

Welcome Event 18th September 2015

On 18th September 2015, Bern University of Applied Sciences invited all international students to this semester’s welcome event.

We met at 6.15pm at the Dählhöhlzli restaurant where the students received information about BFH sports and the ESN (the Erasmus Student Network). Also, Sofia Randow, a Swedish student, gave a short presentation about the accommodation platform, Housing Anywhere.


Then we leisurely strolled to the vivarium, where the flamingos loudly greeted us. After a short wait, the guided tour began. Unfortunately, the zoo management hadn’t been able to organise any English-speaking guides for us, which I only found out a few days before the welcome event. Fortunately, two students came forward and offered to translate the guides’ information. Franziska Hewitt and Patrick Welz did a great job and I want to give them a big thank-you!


The most admired creatures were the three young seals, which approached our group with curiosity; we watched them being fed fish. The young musk ox also got a lot of attention. Sadly, many other animals were already asleep.


The tour continued into the inner area, where we saw colourful fish, amphibians and reptiles. I have to mention the black ‘cleaner fish’, which thoroughly cleaned some students’ hands.


The guide let us go into the machine room, which isn’t normally allowed for visitors, where there are several huge aquariums for breeding corals.
A highlight was definitely the snakes, which some brave students touched or even held.  There was a lively atmosphere when we were having drinks afterwards.
The last of us left the vivarium at 10.30pm, accompanied by Mr Hofer, the zoo’s security guard, who had to close the main gate immediately after each departure so that no foxes could get in.  Despite the lack of English-speaking guides, it was a successful evening, as confirmed by lots of positive feedback from the students who were there.
Here are two examples:

Marieta Malikova: Thank you really much for everything, especially for the welcome event, it was really great.

Sofia Randow: It was very nice to meet you on the event. I had a really good time there and I know that many people appreciated it and spoke well about it. Thank you so much!

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Doris Hennebert-Studer

International Relations Office