Welcome Event 20th February 2015

Welcome Event 20th February 2015

On 20th February 2015, Bern University of Applied Sciences invited all international students to this semester’s welcome event.

We met at 6pm at the Bowling Centre in the Marzili quarter of the city.  The international students slowly trickled in.  While some seemed a little lost, others happily greeted acquaintances already made.

The presentation about BFH sports and the ESN (the Erasmus Student Network) began punctually at 6pm.  Then the bowling could finally begin.  We split into groups and spent a couple of hours bowling strikes and spares on several lanes.   Besides the amateurs, there were a few real professionals.

To fortify us, Bern University of Applied Sciences provided an aperitif.  The ham croissants, bread rolls and crisps disappeared immediately and our thirst was copiously quenched.   The students were in an excellent mood and really enjoyed this evening.

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Doris Hennebert-Studer

International Relations Office