Welcome Event on 26th February 2016

Welcome Event on 26th February 2016

At 6.30pm on Friday evening, the international students found themselves in the biggest curling hall in Europe, right here in Bern.  

To start with, they heard some information about university sports, language tandems and the Erasmus Student Network plus everyone got a little bag containing various articles about how to ‘survive’ in Bern.  


Soon after, four friendly instructors took the students under their wings and introduced them to the art of curling in a 1.5-hour session.
First, the students learnt how to move across the slippery surface.


Once they’d got the hang of that, they were ready to attempt to slide the 20kg stone across the rink into the house (the target area). Not as easy as it sounds. After the introduction, there was a real curling competition with several rounds.


To round off the event, Bern University of Applied Sciences provided an aperitif and sandwiches and tartes flambées. There was lots of discussing, chatting and laughing. At 11pm, I left the remaining members of the group, who were still going strong...


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Doris Hennebert-Studer

International Relations Office