researchXchange: Patent law 29. Oktober 2021

29.10.2021, 12.00–12.45 Uhr – Online


Patent law

Brief introduction to IP rights in general

  • Focus on patents: Definition, content and role
  • Equating key procedural deadlines with innovation management
  • Patentability criteria
  • Possible registration strategies & costs
  • Synthesis & practical recommendations


Benoît Gilligmann

Benoît Gilligmann grew up in Strasbourg and studied engineering at the National Telecommunications Institute (INT) in Paris, and then at Eurecom Institute in Sophia Antipolis, France, and Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), where he specialized in high-speed networks. After completing his engineering studies in 1999, he pursued a master’s degree in strategy & corporate finance at HEC. He then started working for the R&D Center of a telecom operator in Bern, as of 2001, focusing on research investigations on quality of service issues.
Mentioned as an inventor on several patent applications and interested by intellectual property, he handled patent management between 2004 and 2006, before actually starting as a patent engineer, first in a private IP law firm in Neuchâtel, and then within a leading Swiss watchmaking group from 2008, working both in the field of mechanical watchmaking (complications, regulating organs, habillage, etc.) and electronics, namely in timekeeping or other aspects in connection with information technologies.
Within the scope of his professional training, he followed the accelerated training at CEIPI (Centre d’Etudes Internationales de Propriété Intellectuelle) in 2009, and passed the qualifications exam as a European patent attorney (EQE) in 2011. One of the first people to take and pass the exam to be a Swiss Patent Attorney in 2013, he also passed the French qualification exam (EQF) for French Patent Attorneys in 2014, and became a member of the EQE exam committee III (in charge of paper D, "juridical part").
Thanks to his training as an engineer in communication systems, Benoît is mainly active in the field of information and communication technologies, software and business methods

Benôit Gilligmann
Benôit Gilligmann


  • Startdatum 29.10.2021, 12.00–12.45 Uhr
  • Ort Online


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