researchXchange: Machine Intelligence and Start-Ups 4.November 2022

04.11.2022, 12.00–12.45 Uhr – Stettlen, ZID Bernapark 28, Forum / Online, Teams


Machine Intelligence and Start-Ups

We will outline how the identification of opportunities for the use of machine intelligence, and the successful integration of machine learning can be a tremendous booster for start-up success. We will showcase this based on past success stories and give insights into our ideas and efforts we developed at the Applied Machine Intelligence Research group to best support promising machine-learning powered ventures.


Prof. Dr. Erik Graf

Professor Dr. Graf has extensive industrial R&D experience in the fields of natural language processing and information retrieval in multinational companies and startups. He obtained his Ph.D. at the University of Glasgow, exploring information retrieval based on human information processing. He has worked or collaborated with several academic and industry research groups, including the HP Information Dynamics Lab, IBM Labs, the Glasgow IR Group, and the Sheffield NLP Research Group.

As Chief Scientific Officer at, he has been responsible for the development of successful commercial NLP solutions for several Fortune 100 companies. His current role as Professor for Data Engineering centers around the successful application of AI technologies in the context of applied research, teaching, and entrepreneurship.

At BUAS he leads the Applied Machine Intelligence research group together with his colleague Professor Kurpicz and is head of the specialization in Data Engineering in the computer science department.


  • Startdatum 04.11.2022, 12.00–12.45 Uhr
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  • Ort Stettlen, ZID Bernapark 28, Forum / Online, Teams