researchXchange: Robot Task Model and Notation (RTMN) 21.Oktober 2022

21.10.2022, 12.00–12.45 Uhr – Burgdorf, Pestalozzistrasse 20 - E013 / Online, Teams


Robot Task Model and Notation (RTMN)

Non-robotic experts are facing challenges in the fast-growing agile production industry. On the one hand robot programming is time consuming and costly and requires high levels of expertise. On the other hand, current systems are difficult to understand and control. The author proposes to bridge this gap by introducing an intuitive way of modeling and programming that enables nonexperts to plan and program robot tasks. The author conducted a literature review, and then adopted both quantitative and qualitative methods in the project ACROBA to deepen the research in this topic. This paper describes a skill-based robot task model and notation (RTMN) that is an extension based on Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) for modeling and executing collaborative robot processes.


Congyu Zhang Sprenger

Congyu comes from China and has been in Switzerland since 2004. She had bachelor in computer science and international management as her fundamental studies, and then completed her master study in business information systems. She has built her work experience in banking, the pharmaceutical industry and in the university environment. Congyu started working as an IT teacher, and then specialized in data management, IT/SAP consulting and research.  She participated in two large EU research projects (LearnPad and Cloudsocket) and now she’s working on the ACROBA project. Her research area is in business process management and ontology.


  • Startdatum 21.10.2022, 12.00–12.45 Uhr
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  • Ort Burgdorf, Pestalozzistrasse 20 - E013 / Online, Teams