Prof. Urs Muntwyler


Prof. Urs Muntwyler Dozent

  • Adresse Berner Fachhochschule
    Technik und Informatik
    Elektrotechnik + Informationstechnologie
    Jlcoweg 1
    3400 Burgdorf


  • Glider pilot with about 3'000 flying hours.

  • Owner of racing class gliders with retractable engines DG 400 and DG 808 competition.


  • PV systems/ solar systems/ renewable energies/ energy transition to 100% renewable energy systems RES/ electric mobility/ EV's/ e-flight etc./ Innovation/ new companies/ sustainability


  • Name: Prof. Dipl.-Ing. HTL/ FH Urs Muntwyler
    Year of Birth: 1958
    Residence: Switzerland

    Role: Professor for Photovoltaic Systems

    Project specific relevant skills:

    • Planning of grid-connected and off-grid PV installations
    • Planning of PV oriented buildings
    • Integrating renewable energies in buildings and mobility systems
    • Hybrid- and electric vehicles
    • Managing of companies (NGO’s and commercial)
    • Leader PV Laboratory BFH
    • Chair Energy Technology Network “Hybrid- and electric vehicles” IEA
    • Autor of books in the field of renewable energies

    Education / Training:

    • Diplom as “Fernmelde-, Elektronik- und Apparatemonteur FEAM”
    • Diplom Ingenieurschule Biel as graduated electric Engineer, specialization Energy, diploma thesis “Maximum Power Tracker for PV generators”
    • Post graduated course in managing of “non-profit organization” Univ. Fribourg (Prof. Blümle/ Prof. Purtschert/ Prof. Thom/ PD Schwarz etc.)
    • Post graduated course in “marketing of industrial. and investment goods”
    Univ. Berne (Prof. Backhaus, Prof. Kühn etc.
    • Zertifikat für Hochschuldidaktik, BFH
    • Research focus at BFH: off-grid and grid-connected PV systems/ PV oriented buildings/ PV inverter tests/ connecting PV and electric consumers as electric vehicles

    Professional Experience:

    Autophon AG, Solothurn
    Diploma as FEAM/ Electronic laboratory for research and data transmissions

    Telephonie SA, Geneva
    Installing radio transmission systems/ car phones etc. (first Natel A in Switzerland)

    Hasler AG, Berne
    Electronic developer for power systems for telecommunication applications with PV and wind. Developing of power electronic and regulation systems for PV off-grid applications and windgenerators.

    Engineering office Muntwyler, Berne
    Organizer of the Tour de Sol, the first solar car race in the world, as technical leader and from 1986 – 1992 as director. As race director he managed up to 600 team members and over 120 participants in the races. Biggest private sponsored event outside the sport in 1990. Partnership with private companies and media companies (Schweizer Illustrierte - Ringier/ Swiss Radio/ Swiss TV – first cooperation of a private TV-company with Swiss TV etc.).
    Muntwyler invented the "grid connected PV installations" for light-weight electric vehicles in 1986, which was the starting point for the world leading position of Switzerland in that field. Many spin-offs as companies like Brusa AG, solar companies, products as the SMART-/ TWIKE-/ Horlacher cars and several E-Bikes.
    First book on PV: “Praxis mit Solarzellen”, Franzis Verlag München 1986. As one of the first solar pioneers in the world, he has published more than 200 books and articles on solar energy / photovoltaics and electric vehicles.
    PV projects in Africa (Rwanda) and many other countries abroad 1984 - Teacher on the practical school in Berne for Physics, Electronics, Digital-electronics etc. mainly for electronic students and electric – installers (1986 – 1990).
    Stewart in solar car races in Australia, US and Europe (1987-2003)
    Program manager of the pilot- and demonstration program ‘light weight electric vehicles’ of the Swiss federal offices of energy (SFOE) (1993-1998).
    Organizer of the congress "Light weight vehicles for every day use 1(986 – 1998).
    Organizer of the “solarsaloon” 1986-1998, the biggest fair for solar technologies and electric vehicles, boats and planes in Switzerland.
    Founder and main speaker of “Solarakademie Muntwyler”, courses on the application of solar energy, photovoltaic and solar hot water systems (1988 – 2010).
    One of the founder of the Implementing Agreement "Hybrid- and Electric Vehicles" of the International Energy Agency (IEA) 1992 with now nearly 20 member countries (from Austria to the USA), and served as the Elected Chair of the Implementing Agreement "Hybrid- and electric vehicles" from 1998 – 2018.
    Course and publication: “PV system technologies” for PACER-program of “Bundesamt für Konjunkturfragen” 1992
    Course and brochure: “Verkaufserfolg mit erneuerbaren Energien” for PACER-program of “Bundesamt für Konjunkturfragen” 1994

    Muntwyler Energietechnik AG/ Solarcenter Muntwyler AG
    He is the founder and CEO of Solarcenter Muntwyler AG, one of the biggest solar com-panies in Switzerland (1988-2010). Thousands of projects in solar hot water business (Solahart importer for Switzerland), off-grid-PV-, grid-connected PV- and hybrid (PV/ wind generators) -systems. Swiss importer of products from companies around the world, own brand for batteries.
    Publisher of “Muntwylers Solarhandbuch” in german and French (11 editions 1998 - 2011) about 80’000 numbers.
    The company was sold in 2010 to a private company. Turnover in 2009/ 2010 about 10 million sFr. and 30 - 40 employees.
    Member of the parlament, state of Berne (Grüne – no member of the party anymore to be political independent).
    Didn't accepted call into the national parliament 2015 to stay in the university.


  • Innosuisse expert

  • No new projects can be accepted up to the retirement end of 2021. Further activities will be in the Engineering office Muntwyler (founded 1985)!