Prof. Dr. Bastian Widenmayer


Prof. Dr. Bastian Widenmayer Dozent

  • Contact hours Monday
    Thursday morning
    Friday morning
  • Address Berner Fachhochschule
    School of Engineering and Computer Science
    Quellgasse 21
    2501 Biel


  • Industrial Engineering and Management Science (WING)

  • Master of Science in Engineering (MSE)

  • Master in Circular Innovation and Sustainability (CIS)

  • Blockwoche Digitalisierung (WING)

  • Strategy and Innovation Management (WING)

  • Business Engineering 1: Digital Transformation (WING)

  • Business Engineering 3: Business Development (WING)

  • Turning Ideas into Funded Projects (MSE)

  • Circular Business Models (CIS)


  • Digital transformation

  • Digital business models

  • New business development

  • Reverse and frugal innovation

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Circular economy

  • Energy economics

  • Entrepreneurship


  • After completing my degree in business and electrical engineering from TU Munich, I pursued my doctoral research at both the University of St. Gallen and the University of Cambridge, UK. In 2019, I further honed my expertise in mergers and acquisitions at Harvard Business School.
  • Throughout my tenure in the machining industry, I held several pivotal roles including the Head of Patent and Innovation Management, Head of IoT Solutions and Innovation, and Head of Strategy and Business Development. By 2020, I embraced an academic role at the Institute of Innovation and Technology at the University of Applied Science in Lucerne. Here, my academic endeavors have predominantly centered on topics such as digital business models, new business development, digital transformation, energy economics, and sustainability.
  • My passion is on creating new ideas for sustainable businesses. With a foundation rooted in research, I want to advance business, solve real-life challenges, and create success.
  • "The single most important foundation for success is prior success."


  • 2022 - Smart INteroperability Architecture: the decentralized data space in the building industry (Bundesamt für Energie)

  • 2021 - Sustainable business models (Lidl Schweiz)

  • 2021 - Compass Group’s next S-curve: exploit innovation competence and explore new business models

Supervised theses

  • Bühler, Diana - Analysis and improvement of the current candidate experience in RUAG Ltd; 2023

  • Liechti, Leonie Daria - Life cycle assessment for small and medium sized enterprises; 2023

  • Richter, Luis - Entwicklung von Schlüsselanforderungen an das Governance Modell des SINA Ökosystems im Bereich der Gebäudeindustrie; 2022

  • Stalder, Yannick - Neugestaltung der Nachverfolgbarkeit von Produkten (4B); 2022

  • Portmann, Cyrril - Corporate venturing for Swiss SMEs in the energy sector; 2021

  • Umiker, Lukas - Produktmanagement 4.0 Effizienzsteigerung durch Digitalisierung der PIM Prozesse (Schurter); 2021

  • Mehinagic, Nedim - Market analysis of the fire safety tools for consultants and planners (Siemens); 2021

  • Carlen, Leonel Fao - Sustainable business model innovation – a dynamic capability-based view; 2022

  • Jakob, Michael; Thomi, Nicola - Sustainability trough integrated mobility (Accenture); 2023

  • Umiker, Lukas - Checkbox detection and classification (IBM); 2022

  • Burch, Emanuel - Businessmodell Innovation für die 2point engineering GmbH; 2021

  • Piller, Nando - E-Commerce in der Fertigungsindustrie (Imnoo); 2021