Offers for start-ups

We offer a number of different measures to help young companies get off the ground, including courses, networking and knowledge transfer on the subject. We also support the founding and development of spin-off companies for the commercial exploitation of intellectual property from our research, for example by facilitating access to our resources.

Would you like to know what you must bear in mind when building a start-up? And what innovation strategy really leads to success? Then the CAS Innovation training course is precisely what you need! In two semesters you will learn about the latest strategies, processes and methods of innovation management and become familiar with how innovation is organised within a company. You’ll take a study trip and work on a living case to put the theory you have learned directly into practice. The CAS Innovation is a thorough training course that equips you with the latest insights into innovation and entrepreneurship.

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The Bernese Business Creation Competition takes place every two years and is open to all Swiss residents. It is an initiative by the Entrepreneurship Center of the University of Bern and is organised in conjunction with the Institute for Corporate Development and the Department of Engineering and Information Technology of Bern University of Applied Sciences, as well as with be-advanced AG. The goal for the participating persons/teams is to develop a compelling business model and a rough business plan for a promising business idea, and thus to lay the cornerstone for the founding of their own company.

Competition procedure

The competition is held in two phases, each with two events:

Phase 1: Idea generation

1. Bernese Start-up Evening (kick-off event)

2. Bernese Elevator Pitch (first round of evaluation)

Phase 2: Firming-up of ideas

3. Workshops & Coaching

Dates and submission deadlines –


Together with Bern Cantonal Bank BEKB|BCBE, BFH-TI is actively involved in the Foundation for Technological Innovation (STI), which provides financial support to founders of start-up companies in the form of longer-term interest-free loans (seed money loans). Projects from the Espace Mittelland (cantons of BE, SO, FR, NE, JU) with commercially promising technological innovations are supported. The aim is to promote new technological developments that have economic potential.

With this approach, STI seeks to reinforce the high level of technological expertise in the region surrounding Bern University of Applied Sciences and contribute to the growth in quality of the Espace Mittelland economic region.

The foundation is financed by BEKB|BCBE together with Bern University of Applied Sciences Department of Engineering and Information Technology.

Sponsorship and coaching

Every year, the STI Foundation supports innovative young companies in the Espace Mittelland business/residential region (cantons of BE, SO, FR, NE, JU) and encourages creative companies with a pioneering spirit to take advantage of this opportunity for start-up financing. Persuasive ideas with market potential are supported with subsidised loans.

A prerequisite is that the start-up is based on a new technological development with innovation potential. In addition to the technological value and innovative content of the projects, the economic potential and management are also appraised. Funding grants are assessed by be-advanced’s committee of experts and by the STI board – with as little red tape as possible and in line with a clearly defined evaluation process. Sponsored companies also receive ongoing business coaching and are introduced to the CTI start-up process wherever possible.


The STI supports

  • the development of prototypes and new technological developments,
  • the technical implementation and the final development,
  • the transition from the development to the industrialisation phase,
  • the market launch and marketing of products.

Technology-oriented research results from the universities in Bern represent significant innovation potential. The STI works in close cooperation with Bern University of Applied Sciences and the University of Bern and operates a network of innovative companies and funding agencies.

Supported Start-ups

Do you have an idea that has the potential for a start-up? Or an idea from your job environment that you would like to make progress on?

Or would you just like to get a taste of start-up culture and work on an exciting project?

If so, then the elective module (2 ECTS) ‘Kickstart Your Idea’ is just what you’re looking for!

In this module you will learn how to use a practice-oriented method (Running Lean) to systematically test your idea with customers and develop a prototype. You will also hear from successful entrepreneurs about vital factors for the success of new products. The module is open to all TI students from the fourth semester on.

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Our research and development services

In addition, we offer services for companies in the area of research and development.