BFH is bundling its expertise in health technologies

01.12.2020 The BFH Centre for Health Technologies is repositioning itself and bringing together its skill sets in healthcare, sport, medical technology and medical informatics. Interdisciplinary cooperation enables the BFH Centre to implement projects that improve patient quality of life and the health of society and enhance the performance of athletes.

Working with an extensive network of national and international research institutions, companies, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers, the researchers develop technologies that offer new diagnostic and therapeutic options. As a research and development partner, the newly positioned BFH Centre provides support across the entire process chain – from idea generation to innovative products and their successful implementation. Its activities focus on connecting up technologies in the fields of sport, medicine, digital health and healthcare.

BFH Centres brings together specialised and established research groups in order to increase their interdisciplinary expertise. Sebastian Wörwag, President of Bern University of Applied Sciences, welcomes the repositioning: “Bern is a key location for the medical sector – many leading and international medical technology companies are located in the canton. I am delighted we can bundle our expertise in this field even more effectively by repositioning the BFH Centre for Health Technologies. I am confident that we can create added value for society by working across disciplines and look forward to seeing the first results.”


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Subject area: Physiotherapy, Medical technology + Medical informatics
Category: Research