BFH strengthens competences in Applied Machine Intelligence

07.07.2021 A new research group has been created at the Institute for Data Applications and Security IDAS under the leadership of Erik Graf and Mascha Kurpicz-Briki. The Applied Machine Intelligence research group focuses on identifying and defining solutions to the scientific, engineering and societal challenges of machine intelligence.

The new research group has expertise in machine learning in production, augmented intelligence, artificial intelligence for social impact as well as fairness and digital ethics. Based on this, the work of the research group covers all major aspects of machine learning engineering (MLE), from scaling, testing, data modelling to other major MLE specific aspects such as operations and maintenance.

Implementing intelligent applications

The group cooperates with industry, academic research groups and non-profit organisations to build applications that can offer novel functionalities or expand beyond existing capabilities based on machine learning. The following domains represent our current focus and are complemented by applications that were developed in other ML areas such as computer vision and inference:

  • Smart Text Applications
  • Search & Recommendation Systems
  • Accelerating Research for Social Good

Ongoing projects

With the founding of the research group, the Institute for Data Applications and Security is strengthening its activities in machine intelligence. Various projects in this area have already been running for some time:

  • BurnoutWords
    In this project, detecting the burnout syndrome with the power of natural language processing allows to prepare for the future's digital methods in psychology.
  • Diversifier-NLP
    How job ads are written defines who is applying to them. Using inclusive language is necessary to attract diverse talents.
  • Virtual Research Assistant
    A virtual research assistant based on artificial intelligence (AI) and focused on medical insurance law allows lawyers to find relevant information up to ten times faster and more precisely than ever.
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