Application Form YEEP International Summer School 2021

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General Information about yourself

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Your motivation

Please tell us why you want to enrol for the International Summer School and be part of the Young Entrepreneur Exchange Project YEEP

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Your professional and educational experiences

What are special experiences or qualifications that you have which will make you a valuable student in the international summer school and during the Business Project Competition in Gujarat, India?

Please list your professional and educational experiences in a CV format.

Please list your professional and educational experiences as support.

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Request for scholarship

Students who are not able to bear the full costs for the YEEP summer school (flight, accommodation) and therefore would not be able to participate in the YEEP summer school can request a one-off scholarship of CHF 800.-

A maximum of 12 scholarships can be granted this year for BFH Business School Students. Students receiving a scholarship commit to actively support the promotion of the YEEP summer school in 2022 (time requirement: ~ 4 hours).

If you want to apply for a scholarship, please provide an explanation of your reasons, and why you should receive a scholarship. 

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By sending this application form I confirm that the entries in this form are correct, that I have taken note of the instructions provided, that I have read the module description and I understand that I have to: cover the costs for the summer school, vaccinations, insurances, visas, flight and other travel expenses, accommodation myself and that I have to be available in the weeks given as mandatory attendance sessions/weeks. 

We reserve the right to cancel travels to India and the YEEP programme due to Covid-19 restrictions.