Researcher Diaries: Nature Conservation Programme in Macedonia

22.10.2020 In her contribution to the Researcher Diaries series, Jelena Markovic reflects on the highlights of the 2019 Nature Conservation Programme project in Macedonia.

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‘In the scope of the long-term «Nature Conservation Programme in Macedonia», BFH-HAFL collaborated with the University of Skopje to support sustainable forest management and biodiversity preservation. Many students in both countries were able to carry out their thesis in different areas of forestry as part of the project. Our last engagement was to support the development of the first Regional Forest Development Plan in the Bregalnica Region in North Macedonia. The results of previous student work formed the foundation for this document.

The first photo (May 2019) depicts the landscape above Pehchevo during field observations on recently burned areas and upcoming successions. The second photo was taken at the final workshop with all working group stakeholders in Pehchevo in December 2019. During the workshop, I presented the action plan and discussed and prioritised a set of measures to be implemented in the framework of the Programme in the next two years. At that stage of the project, our role was to generate the list of measure in the action plan, moderate the selection of priority measures to be implemented, and guide the overall process of document development.’

The project described in the diary is implemented by Farmahem from North Macedonia and funded by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

Researcher Diaries

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