Computational Modeling 1 (BTW5204)

Modeling and simulation is a powerful, often the only, method for analysis, development, planning and optimization of complex feedback systems. Start to understand what data science and causal modelling is.

  • Students can facilitate a process to develop results in interdisciplinary teams.

  • They can apply systems thinking to existing and new models.

  • Students can express practical dynamic issues by means of simulation methodology and provide insights to complex problem solving.

  • They can develop quantitative models of a mid-level complexity using stock and flow diagrams for social and economic issues. 

  • They are able to causally reason and ensure a high validity of models for fields such as sustainability, business models and technological trends. 

Fiche signalétique

  • Titre/Diplôme Acquis/non acquis
  • Durée Sem. civiles 8–21
  • Journées de cours coming soon
  • Délai d'inscription Sem. civiles 51–02 – en ligne en IS-Academia
    Les places sont accordées en priorité aux étudiants de TI
  • Nombre de crédits ECTS 4 crédits ECTS
  • Coûts Pas de coûts supplémentaires
  • Langue d'enseignement Enseignement: Anglais
    Contrôle de compétence: Anglais
  • Lieu de formation Bienne
  • Département Technique et informatique
  • Prochaine édition Semestre de printemps