Functional aquafeed solutions from upcycled mycelium for perch, trout and shrimp

Developing novel functional properties of mycelium biomass in aquafeeds, relating to performance and health of aquatic animals. Mycelium biomass is a product of up-cycling of agricultural side-streams via solid state fermentation.

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Europe alone generates annually more than 20 million tons of agricultural side streams, which are not effectively utilised. On the other hand, the growing aquaculture sector requires sustainable and functional feed solutions. Use of health promoting and sustainable feed would improve health and welfare of the animals, increase the added value of production and improve the recycling of nutrients within the food and feed industry.


Identify the mycelium strain that exhibits the highest acceptance for each target species. Develop a mycelium aquafeed ingredient that optimises animal health, performance and product quality for each target species and define the optimal inclusion rate. The trials will take place at BFH-HAFL's Aquaforum in Zollikofen. The final result will be feed formulations for percids, salmonids and shrimp that demonstrate proven benefits, opening the way to market our product as a feed complement.

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