Advanced Practice Nursing Roles In Cancer Care In Switzerland (APNCC-Swiss)

Through the APN-role enhanced knowledge, skills and role autonomy, they provide the leadership, specialized expertise, and flexibility to innovate cancer services. The sustainable role utilization under good working conditions is relevant.

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  • Département responsable Santé
  • Institut Soins infirmiers
    Academic-Practice-Partnership Insel Gruppe/ BFH
  • Unité de recherche Champ d'innovation soins de santé et développement des ressources humaines
  • Organisation d'encouragement Autres
  • Durée 01.11.2021 - 31.10.2022
  • Responsable du projet Franziska Geese
  • Direction du projet Franziska Geese
  • Partenaire Südland Stiftung
  • Mots-clés cancercare, advancedpracticenursing, sustainableroleutilization


To address the healthcare workforce shortage and the growing number of patients with a cancer diagnosis, potential is seen in the implementation of advanced practice nursing (APN) roles. The improved integration of APN roles into the delivery of cancer services is one important strategy for addressing the increasing patients` complexity and demands for care. However, APN roles are at an early stage of development in Switzerland. Little is known about the APN cancer care workforce, including extent to which the current complement (e.g., types of roles and numbers) have been deployed to meet the patient health needs and demands for cancer services; or factors, such as job satisfaction and psychosocial wellbeing, that influence the recruitment and retention of APN roles in cancer care. This study aims to explore APN roles in cancer care to inform health care decision, policy and decision-making regarding the optimal development of an APN cancer care workforce in Switzerland.


A Mixed-Methods design, leading by the explanatory sequential multistage framework, is chosen to address the complexity and multi-level process of APN roles sustainable implementation in cancer services and the Swiss health care system. A cross-national survey exploring APN-roles in cancer care, followed by a qualitative interview study with APNs and relevant stakeholders in cancer care will deepen the insight of APNs in cancer care and their sustainable utilization.