Swiss Forum for International Agricultural Research (SFIAR)

SFIAR fosters networking of agricultural research for development (ARD) actors in Switzerland and promotes visibility of Swiss ARD. BFH-HAFL is mandated to manage the SFIAR secretariat.

Fiche signalétique

  • Département responsable Haute école des sciences agronomiques, forestières et alimentaires
  • Institut HAFL Institut Hugo P. Cecchini
  • Unité de recherche Agriculture internationale et développement rural
  • Organisation d'encouragement Autres
  • Durée (prévue) 01.01.2022 - 31.12.2025
  • Responsable du projet Felix Hintermann
  • Direction du projet Felix Hintermann
  • Équipe du projet Felix Hintermann
    Maryna Taran
  • Partenaire Direktion für Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit DEZA
    Bundesamt für Landwirtschaft BLW
    Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture
  • Mots-clés Knowledge management


The Swiss Forum for International Agricultural Research (SFIAR) is an informal multi-stakeholder group of Swiss institutions and private individuals interested in agricultural research for developing countries. The principal aims of SFIAR are: a) To share information and promote dialogue and collaboration between stakeholders involved in agricultural research for development (ARD) in Switzerland. b) To promote the visibility of Swiss ARD. Other aims are: To play an advocacy role and to serve as a national partner in international fora. BFH-HAFL is mandated to manage the SFIAR secretariat and provides the following main services: (1) Operation of the SFIAR website, an information platform of Switzerland on agricultural research for development, (2) Management of the SFIAR Award for innovative agricultural research for development, (3) organisation of the SFIAR meetings and general secretariat support for the SFIAR.