Prof. Dr. Nada Endrissat


Prof. Dr. Nada Endrissat Studiengangsleiterin

  • Adresse Berner Fachhochschule
    Abteilung Lehre
    Brückenstrasse 73
    3005 Bern


  • SNF Projekt (NFP 77) A future that works: cobotics, digital skills and the re-humanization of the work place (lead TI)

  • SNF Agora Projekt Smelling more, smelling differently

  • SNF Projekt New Scents in Action

  • SNF DORE Projekt Wissensduft

  • BFH Projekt Gendered IT (lead TI)

  • BFH Projekt Kreative Karrieren

  • BFH Projekt 'Sonifikation'


  • Endrissat, N. (2008). Connecting who we are with how we construct leadership. An identity-interactionist perspective on leadership in Swiss hospitals. Pabst Science Publishers: Lengerich.