Creative Practice-Produktionen Music Composition

The final concerts reflect the aesthetic diversity at work. We will take you on a journey through instrumental written music, improvised structures, electronic sounds and a musical theater with digital contours.

18.09.2023 bis 10.10.2023 – HKB, Auditorium, Ostermundigenstrasse 103, 3006 Bern

Bild in verschiedenen Farben aus der Bildwelt für die Diplomveranstaltungen 23.

The common point between these journeys is a spirit of exploration, openness, and a constant sense of form. The concerts represent a true culmination of the studies during which the artistic richness of our students is revealed.


Di, 19. Sep, 18 Uhr
HKB, Auditorium, Ostermundigenstrasse 103, 3006 Bern

Szymon Zieliński

"MRSZ" is a syncretic attempt to create an element combining acoustic and electronic music. It is the culmination of a process of searching and forging new instrumental possibilities. The concert consists of a collection of pieces composed for both traditional and new instrumental designs.

Performers: Aleksandra Jopek, Marta Lucjan, Daniel Torres, Szymon Zielinski
Mentored by Christian Henking

Do, 21. Sep, 18 Uhr
HKB, Auditorium, Ostermundigenstrasse 103, 3006 Bern

Ezequiel Cappellano
Twin sparks

Twin sparks is a concert composed by three pieces that explores the potential and limitations of the re-contextualisation of acoustic instruments coming from European and non-European traditions in the digital age, as well as the mixture of a wide range of styles of everywhere and any time (rock, Indian and European classical music, tango, jazz, electronic music, progressive metal and world music among others). 

1) Der Koloss (15’), for electric guitar, bass guitar, tabla, accordion and baritone saxophone

2) Espejismos (15’), for oud, classical guitar and live electronics 

3) Imor (15’), for tenor, string quartet and tape

Performers: José Avellanal Oud, Hekmat Homsi, Marco Abisso, Aline Müller, Natalie Trautmann, Lukas Stubenrauch, Sarah,
Ezequiel Cappellano
Mentored by Xavier Dayer

Di, 26. Sep, 18 Uhr
HKB, Auditorium, Ostermundigenstrasse 103, 3006 Bern

Arda Yurdusev

C-AML is a musiktheater piece that focuses on the sensitive topic of cancer, especially the infamous blood cancer: Leukaemia. The piece features a lead actor as a patient that goes through the multiple stages of leukaemia throughout the scenes. The protagonist is supported by a cast of 3 percussionists that will play the roles of Doctor, Assistant Doctor and Nurse. The cast has proper costumes for their roles while the stage features multiple set designs with props that serve the dramaturgy. In the end, C-AML portrays the life cycle of a leukaemia patient from diagnosis to the late stages and bases the dramaturgy on the selected real life patients’ stories.

Performers: David von Maydell, Andrea Zamengo, Severin Rush, Bernat Pont Anglada, Rebecca Minten, Christopher Mui
Mentored by Simon Steen-Andersen

Mi, 27. Sep, 19.30 Uhr
Hodler-Saal, Swiss Alpine Museum, Helvetiaplatz 4, 3005 Bern

Severin Dornier
A Day in the Alps

«A Day in the Alps» ist ein Musiktheater-Projekt, welches dem romantischen Naturverständnis der Kunstmusik des 19. Jahrhunderts eine dystopische Zukunftsvision voll abgeschmolzener Gletscher und menschengemachter Bergkatastrophen gegenüberstellt. Es verbindet dabei Archivarbeit mit theatralischer Fiktion, musikhistorisches Arrangement mit experimenteller Klangkunst und alpinen Symbolismus mit wissenschaftlicher Realität. In einer abendfüllenden Vorstellung erzählt das Projekt – konzipiert nach dem programmatischen Werk «Eine Alpensinfonie» von Richard Strauss – zwei, sich ineinander verwebende Narrative: Eine Gruppe von Glaziologen versucht im Jahr 2079 vergeblich, die letzten Überreste des Grossen Aletschgletschers vor dem Klimawandel zu retten. Überraschend stösst die Expedition dabei jedoch auf musikalische Fundstücke aus früherer Zeit, welche – zuvor eingeschlossen im ewigen Eis und nun zum Klingen gebracht – die mystische Vergangenheit des Gletschers in seiner ganzen Kraft heraufbeschwört.

Performers: Mara Maria Möritz, Sonie Loenne, José del Avellanal, Aline Sarah Müller, Violeta García, Erwin Fonseca, David Inniger
Mentored by Simon Steen-Andersen

Do, 28. Sep, 18 Uhr
HKB, Auditorium, Ostermundigenstrasse 103, 3006 Bern

Gianluca Iadema
- ID[entità]
- Un_i[n]verso
- I’m searching for a way out

ID[entità] is a collaboration between Gianluca Iadema and Franziska Baumann, resulting in a cycle of voice and electronics compositions from 2017–2021. Iadema takes inspiration from Baumann's improvisations and reworks them in an electronic context, creating an oscillating interplay of acoustic and electronic sounds. 
Un_i[n]verso is a site-specific audiovisual sculpture exploring the concept of matter through the merging of different media, creating an artistic form in which the viewer experiences them as a whole. The work takes the viewer on a constant, slow zoom from macroscopic dimensions to deconstructed cities and their details, blurring the line between reality and imagination.
I'm Searching for a Way Out is an extended multimedia performance that explores the relationship between human consciousness, the subconscious, and digital reality. The performance is immersive and ergodic, with artificial intelligence and multi-dimensionality adding to the hyperreality. The stage becomes a metaphor for the brain, with the human merging with algorithms and artificial intelligence, exploring the idea of machine emotion and the fluid exchange between the phenomenological world, memory, imagination, and the absurd. The performance is divided into four main events, including the initialization of a video game and a rave party as a materialized experience of collective dream. The dramaturgy is inspired by cubism, breaking up subjects and backgrounds and abstracting them from multiple viewpoints.

Performers: Franziska Baumann, Lorenzo Colombo and Gianluca Iadema
Mentored by Simon Steen-Andersen

Sa, 30. Sep, 18 Uhr
HKB, Auditorium, Ostermundigenstrasse 103, 3006 Bern

Ludmilla Mercier

“I love all insider memoirs. It doesn't matter whether it's truck-drivers or doctors. I think everybody likes to go backstage, find out what people think and what they talk about and what specialised job they have.”
David Mamet
"Dramas, love stories, lies and betrayals." 
Thinking of Macbeth?
Try something else: get comfortable on the couch.
Turn on the television.
Don't you see dramas, stories of love, lies and transformations? 
Let's change the channel!

Formation: 4 musiciens, 1 comédienne, 3 performeurs, 1 artiste sonore

Performers: Laura Locher, Andrea Zamengo, Bernat Pont, Ludmilla Mercier, Matthias Müller, Mireia Pellisa Martín, Robin Rindlisbacher, Ulysse Loup, Pierre Dayer, 
Mentored by Simon Steen-Andersen and Leo Dick

Mo, 2. Okt, 18 Uhr
HKB, Auditorium, Ostermundigenstrasse 103, 3006 Bern

Tianyu Zou
Grand Étude (Tentative Title)

This project is a stage work that immerses the audience in an audio-visual illusion, achieved through the blend of lighting effects and electro-acoustic music. Three performers and their miniature figures will be used to realize the relationship between human, object, and space. The spatial position and light-dark relationship of the stage and lighting will be creatively utilized to construct three nested theaters, resulting in a sensory illusion. The miniature figures and objects will be synchronized with electronic music playback, creating an acoustic illusion that contrasts with the real-world performance. However, the theater itself, laid out by flickering projections, is also a giant oscillator. The miniatures possess an intrinsic aesthetic quality, as suggested by "The Savage Mind," which ensures babies survive with proper care. The instinctive "desire to protect" was explained in a reasonable and convincing way, as Claude Lévi-Strauss noted. The miniature objects exert the same incredible energy as the original voluminous objects, leaving a profound impression. Through the cooperative action of human and non-human performers, it seeks to connect the space in which they are with the microscopic world being presented, subtly evoking the audience's perception of physical space. It evokes a general sense of humility and loneliness deep inside.

Performers: Ensemble NEKO 3 (TBD)
Mentored by Simon Steen-Andersen

Do, 5. Okt , 18 Uhr 
HKB, Auditorium, Ostermundigenstrasse 103, 3006 Bern

Hekmat Homsi
Pour sortir au jour.

Pour sortir au jour, a piece for ensemble and a prepared tape.

The idea of resurrection was not only found in the Christian religion but has been the preoccupation of ancient humans who have long sought a path to immortality, since the dawn of history. From Osiris and Isis, through Demuzi and Inanna, then Gilgamesh, to later religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and also the Nordic religions, they are all connected by the concept of resurrection. In this piece I have used the history of some of these religions as a source of inspiration, with the actual use of some of the ritual melodies that I have obtained or recorded myself. This will be done through a dialogue between the live instruments and a prepared tape.

Performers: N.N.
Mentored by Simon Steen-Andersen

Fr, 6. Okt, 18 Uhr
HKB, Blackbox, Fellerstrasse 11, 3027 Bern

Bernat Pont
How the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand Led to the Creation of H3NT41

Music theater show for seven performers, running for approximately one hour. The performance blends historical events, cultural references and artistic expression to form a dynamic and captivating mush up of diverse styles from different eras, creating a complex and multi-faceted representation of our digital saturated society. 

The composer himself, Bernat, is about to present the greatest unveiling of his career. He has been consumed by an obsession to prove the undeniable connection between the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the creation of hentai. Bernat has recruited a talented ensemble of six musicians to assist him in making the presentation more exciting and entertaining. As the performance unfolds, the various historical scenarios impact the performers in unexpected bizarre situations.


Performers: Arda Yurdusev (Japan), Bernat Pont Anglada (Bernat), David von Maydell (Franz), Hannah Biedermann (Hentai), Mireia Pellisa Martín (Democracy), Severin Dornier (Effects), Violeta García (Sentimientos)
Mentored by Simon Steen-Andersen and Franziska Baumann

Sa, 7. Okt , 18 Uhr
HKB, Auditorium, Ostermundigenstrasse 103, 3006 Bern

José del Avellanal Carreño

TENEBRAE (music theatre for voice, trumpet, violin, electronics, light design and video) is a project born from the wish of engaging in a more holistic approach towards creation in my own artistic practice as composer-performer. It offers a reflection on the historical fascination surrounding the subject of the end of the world, integrating live performance, sound and light design, video collage and stage work. An intermedial dialogue between human and artificial, an abstract narrative in five scenes focused on the exploration of the human voice in its expressive, technical and social dimensions. 

José del Avellanal Carreño, N.N. 
Mentored by Simon Steen-Andersen

Di, 10. Okt, 18 Uhr
HKB, Blackbox, Fellerstrasse 11, 3027 Bern

Andrea Zamengo
Unmask the face

With the help of this performance the audience will be able to improve their recognition of the facial clues to emotion, increase their ability to detect “facial deceit” and develop a keener awareness of the way your own face reflects your emotions.

Performe: Andrea Zamengo
Mentored by Angela Bürger


  • Startdatum 18.09.2023
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  • Enddatum 10.10.2023
  • Ort HKB, Auditorium, Ostermundigenstrasse 103, 3006 Bern