The Taste of the World at our International Buffet

13.03.2019 Students, lecturers and BFH staff participated in our International Buffet, which is held once every semester. Incoming and local students form teams and share their food specialties from home with each other.

There was a whole host of savoury and sweet dishes; namely Sushi, Falafel, Poutine, Cola Chicken, Dakgangjeong, Toblerone Mousse and many more. We are very happy to announce that our students Hetty S. Samosir and Mohamed Aourik won the prize for the best savoury dish – Maroccan Tajin & Couscous and the Team Tiramiswiss (Anna Schirrapa, Rahel Reusser, Laura Romero) won the prize for the best sweet dish – Tiramisu. The winners got to enjoy some famous Swiss chocolate from Läderach.

Out of the voting but incredibly delicious were the dishes from Ivan Al-Azm with Cheese Pie, Alberto Rascon with Mexican Guacamole, Debra Ali-Lawson with South African Melktert and Raciel Selpa Abreu with Dulce de Leche from Cuba. A huge thank you goes out to all who took part in this event especially for sharing treats from all over the world.

International Buffet Spring Semester 2019
Fachgebiet: Wirtschaft + Management, International, Fachhochschule
Rubrik: International, Fachhochschule