Wood-Based Panels

Our Wood-Based Panels Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) programme provides you with practical expertise in the wood industry. You will also get to know specialists from around the world.

This CAS is intended for:

  • specialists, leaders and wood and material technologists in wood and related industries
  • specialists, leaders and wood and material technologists in research
  • engineers in processing operations
  • engineers in machine manufacturing and distribution
  • researchers from universities, universities of applied sciences and other research institutions
  • specialists who work in particleboard and hardboard surface treatment


  • Degree/Certificate Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in «Wood-Based Panels»
  • Duration 3 intensive training weeks (3 modules) + certification project
  • Schedule Module 1 | Process Technology: September 2021
    Module 2 | Adhesives and Emissions: September 2022
    Module 3 | Surface Treatment: January 2023

    The participants will be free to decide either to follow individual modules or the whole CAS-Programme.
  • Application deadline At least four weeks before the module begins
  • ECTS credits 10 ECTS credits
  • Costs CHF 2,600 (module 1) / CHF 2,900 (module 2+3) + CHF 600 certification project
  • Teaching language English
  • Location Biel (Module 2 and 3) or online (Module 1)
  • Department Architecture, wood and civil engineering
  • Next session September, 2021 (module 1)

Structure + Content


We run the internationally renowned Institute for Materials and Wood Technology (IWH). We work closely with companies to develop practical solutions for the wood and construction industries. We integrate the latest discoveries and developments into our instruction.

The Wood-Based Panels CAS is a unique continuing education programme. From process technologies, adhesives and emissions to surface treatment, you will be trained in key topics and deepen your knowledge in theory and practice.

The cultural activities during the intensive week in Biel also provide you the opportunity to get to know other participants from around the world. This is the perfect opportunity to expand your network of experts and specialists in the field.

Learning outcomes

  • Our CAS programme provides you with a comprehensive overview of the most relevant wood-based panel manufacturing processes.
  • You will expand upon your understanding of composite wood production and surface treatment.
  • You will have access to the latest technologies and research findings for reducing formaldehyde and VOC emissions. We will also present you the state-of-the-art of emission analysis tools.
  • Given our programme’s international focus, you will get to know industry specialists from around the globe and build your professional network.


The course includes the following modules:

The participants will be free to decide either to follow individual modules or the whole CAS-Programme.

Certification project

Your final certification project will address a current issue or specific task from your professional field. It can take on different formats, whether as experimental project work or in the form of a theoretical study. In any case, your final project must include a distinct section for critical analysis, reflection or argument.

  • E-learning (as preparatory work)
  • Lectures, discussions and workshops
  • Case studies and exercises
  • Laboratory work (if onsite in Biel)
  • Presentations by qualified specialists
  • Coaching and personal mentoring
  • Latest findings from BFH research and development
  • Company visits


Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) «Wood-Based Panels»

Eligibility + Entry

This CAS is intended for:

  • Engineers and managers in the wood-based panel industry
  • Professionals from suppliers and associated industries
  • Experts from universities and research institutes

Entry requirements

University degree (Bachelor or higher) or equivalent qualification. The admission decision is made on the basis of the submitted documents.

Language skills

Strong English skills

You must pass an e-learning course in preparation for each week-long intensive course in Biel. See the respective module descriptions for more information.

Practicalities + Application

This continuing education programme includes three modules and a final certification project. Each module features a week-long intensive programme in Biel or online and includes approximately 10 hours of work before and after the intensive programme and a competency assessment. Your final project will require a further 100–120 hours.

Process Technology, September 2021

Adhesives and Emissions, September 2022

Surface Treatment, January 2023

See the respective module descriptions for more information.

The application deadline is at least four weeks before the module begins.

CHF 2,600 (cost per module) +  CHF 600 certification project
This fee does not include the cost of food, travel, parking or hotel accommodation during the intensive programme in Biel.



20–30 participants, depending on the module


Location + Facilities

  • Workshop laboratory with glue production, mixer and hot press
  • Workshop test laboratory with all common mechanical screening processes
  • Emissions testing and chemistry laboratories with testing devices and analytics to gauge material emissions
  • Surfaces laboratory with devices to carry out and test surface treatments