IT information

In order to use BFH IT services, members of Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH must first take the following steps:

Service hours

Monday – Thursday: 7.30 am - 5.30 pm
Friday: 7.30 am - 4.00 pm

As a BFH student or employee you will receive a personal user account with which you can use various services. You have already received your user name and your personal BFH e-mail address with your admission e-mail. Please activate your account by changing your password on in order to be able to use the IT services and portals.

Activation is only possible on the day the semester, continuing education, or employment begins. It can take up to 15 minutes for the activation to be completed.

Have you forgotten your password? Contact the IT Service Desk.

Various IT services (including all Microsoft 365 services as well as the BFH VPN) require – in addition to user name and password – authentication with an additional factor (usually MS Authenticator App on the smartphone).

SWITCH edu-ID is a universal and secure digital identity for lifelong access to services within the university environment. To access certain services (e.g. Moodle), you need an edu-ID. Create your personal edu-ID with your private email address at and link it to your BFH account on

All further IT information can subsequently be found here:

Network access

A VPN connection allows access to the BFH network from outside. You can access services and files which are normally only available from within the university network from home or any other location via VPN. Log in with your BFH username and BFH password. Confirm your registration with the additional factor. On private devices you need to install the VPN client.

All BFH sites have extensive WiFi coverage. Connect to the “bfh” network using your BFH user name and password. In addition, the network “eduroam” gives you free wire-less Internet access at other educational institutions around the world. Log on to eduroam using the short form of your BFH e-mail address ( and your BFH password.

Security advice

To ensure that you are on a genuine BFH site when logging in to the various portals (Webmail, Intranet, etc.) please note the following:

  • The BFH websites are all accessed via encrypted connections. This can be seen by the padlock icon in the web browser (click for details of certificate).
  • If you do not trust a link, enter the URL manually or call the Servicedesk if you are in doubt