Humane Digital Transformation

Only in collaboration with people can technology be deployed successfully and sustainably. That’s why BFH is focussing on the human aspect of the digital transformation in the strategic focus topic of Humane Digital Transformation.

Digital transformation starts with humans

BFH has been conducting research and lecturing on the digital transformation for years. Whereas the emphasis was often previously placed on technology, today, we primarily focus on people and their requirements when developing new technologies. In five key focus topics, we are exploring how we can benefit optimally and sustainably from the technology and how greater acceptance can be achieved in key areas – such as healthcare.

The five focus topics

  • Open Digital Knowledge
  • Human Centered Augmented Intelligence
  • Digital Engineering & Value Creation
  • Digital Healthcare
  • BeLearn

Shaping and sharing digital knowledge is a fundamental part of the digital transformation. Economic, legal and technological aspects play a key role in making digital knowledge accessible to all of society in the long-term. Ethical and communicative criteria must also be taken into account. People must be empowered for everyone to access knowledge. This may, for example, lead to the creation of active communities. Equally, free knowledge, data privacy and copyright protection are also key elements.

Data-based technologies, such as artificial intelligence, achieve better and longer-lasting acceptance from users if they are developed closely in line with their requirements. If such solutions are implemented with a human-centric focus, they can be deployed in an interdisciplinary and versatile way. This enables social participation, opportunity for creative expression and efficiency to be promoted in many areas of application.

We explore the key questions of how digitalisation impacts on the production process and value chain. This also includes interdisciplinary networks and collaboration, as well as trend topics, such as digital craftsmanship and platform economics. We help to develop and implement digital business processes.

How can the benefits of digitalisation be optimally harnessed in the healthcare sector? How can acceptance of new applications and technologies be achieved – such as the electronic patient records and data-based healthcare provision? We focus on the interdisciplinary and people-oriented use of digital medical and healthcare technologies and develop suitable solutions. Some of the key areas of analysis and action are early identification of behavioural changes, impact assessment, technological process integration and digital empowerment in self-management as well as digital health competencies.

As the co-founder of the BeLEARN centre of excellence, BFH is driving forward digitalisation in education. We focus heavily on teaching and learning about the future in the digitalised world. We build bridges from research to application. We aim to make our results quickly available for use in general educational practice.

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