Research + Consulting services

The research and consulting services of Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH stand for technologically, culturally, economically and socially relevant innovations.


The diversity of our research areas offer ideal conditions for addressing interdisciplinary issues. As a university of applied sciences located in Bern, we see ourselves as part of the Bern innovation ecosystem. Our practice- and market-oriented range of services comes into full effect in partnerships with companies and public institutions. 

Excellence in BFH research

Excellent research at BFH is characterised by:

Social relevance

  • The focus is on the benefits of research for society and the needs of partners in practice. We develop practice-oriented, innovative, future-oriented solutions.
  • We are enthusiastic about interdisciplinary cooperation.
  • We contribute our observations and findings to the political and social discourse.

Impact in the international/national society and research community

  • Our research leads to innovative products, processes and services
  • We publish our research results in international/national journals, are present at international/national conferences and participate as experts in specialist committees.
  • As an actor in the scientific system, we generate new, relevant knowledge that is used to further develop the specialist disciplines.

Entrepreneurial higher education institution

  • We afford our institutes and research groups great entrepreneurial and creative freedom with an incentive for high self-financing.

  • We maintain strong collaborative partnerships with companies, other advanced technical colleges and universities.


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