Entrepreneurship BFH

BFH is part of Bern’s vibrant innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. We support founders, start-ups and companies – from the idea to the foundation and beyond.

  • With our pioneering innovation and research, we are actively shaping the future and creating added value for society.
  • BFH is part of Bern’s vibrant innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. This makes us a valuable partner in all matters relating to entrepreneurship, spin-offs, start-ups and starting a business.
  • Whether your entrepreneurial process is in the initial stages or more advanced, we support you every step of the way, from problem analysis to idea generation, business modelling and founding a company.
  • BFH offers a home for start-ups and spin-offs, and thus easy access to technical expertise and infrastructure. Our goal is to make entrepreneurship more sustainable, more social and more diverse.

Excellence and growth: our offer for start-ups and established companies

Have you already launched a start-up or do you run a company and would like to take it a step further? You are at the right place. We support you in the following areas:

  • Contacts and interactions with practice-oriented researchers
  • Laboratories
  • Test facilities
  • Work stations
  • Help in clarifying specific questions (by means of a research project with research associates or students)
  • Access to research results
  • Help with financing

We carry your project forward with great expertise and equally great interest.

From innovation to the market: our offer for researchers and staff

Are you planning to launch a spin-off to use and commercialise the results of your research? You are at the right place. We support you in the following areas:

  • Work stations and infrastructure: conduct your research while exploring business ideas.
  • Funding and financing options: BFH helps you navigate and make the most of the various options, be in in the Espace Mittelland, the whole of Switzerland or in an international context.
  • Intellectual property rights: BFH has formulated a company-friendly business policy that provides clarity.

The best starting point: our offer for students

Would you like to take an innovative idea further or launch your own start-up? You are at the right place. We support you in the following areas:

  • Inspiration: we put you in contact with change agents, doers, entrepreneurs and future shapers.
  • Entrepreneurial skills: at BFH you can develop and expand your competences in entrepreneurship. We offer business coaching and modules on creativity, innovation and the development of business ideas.
  • Funding: we help you navigate the world of funding and obtain the best possible support.
  • Network: students who have a strong interest in entrepreneurship can join the students’ Entrepreneurship Club of BFH and the University of Bern: www.ec-bern.ch.
  • Students4Sustainability: With the cross-university hub "Students4Sustainability", we offer content-related and financial support for sustainable project ideas. With Students4Sustainability, students can realise projects with a budget of CHF 10,000. The submission deadline for the first call for proposals in 2024 is 31 March 24. Further information can be found on the Students4Sustainabilty website.

What entrepreneurship means to us

“Entrepreneurship competence refers to the capacity to act upon opportunities and ideas, and to transform them into values for others. It relies on creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, personal initiative and perseverance, and the ability to work collaboratively in order to plan and manage projects that are of cultural, social or financial value.”

European Council (2018). Council recommendation of 22 May 2018 on key competences for lifelong learning. Official Journal of the European Union.


Entrepreneurial mindset and action is a strategic priority at BFH.