Caring Society

In the thematic field ‘Caring Society’, we focus on the relationships between health, lifestyle and social circumstances. Promoting the quality of life and health of people of all ages is the goal of a caring, inclusive society.

Five focus topics

BFH highlights the challenges of an increasingly diverse society in five focus topics. We research the social conditions that are conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Together with practitioners and users of care services, we seek technological, social and organisational innovations to promote people’s health and well-being.


Research on models of care at home that are feasible in the future and the added value they bring to those affected.

Generations and old age

Factors that promote well-being and social participation for people of all ages.

Mental health and well-being

Promotion of mental health through social participation, destigmatisation and social support.

Caring Spaces

Research on how different types of space serve users while also contributing to solidarity, social inclusion and care.

Social justice, diversity and participation

Approaches to overcoming social inequalities and enhance participation in a diverse society.

Project examples

News and Events

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