Artificial Intelligence in Banking

This online course is a cooperation between Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) and Point Zero Forum. In five sessions you will achieve the following goals:

  • You will get an overview of AI technologies and their relevance in banking.
  • You will explore detailed applications of AI in various banking sectors.
  • You will understand the role of generative AI and its potential to disrupt the way we work.
  • You will discuss the regulatory requirements and ethical implications of using AI in banking.
  • You can develop a roadmap for integrating AI into banking operations.
  • You will be able to summarize key learnings and discuss the future of AI in banking.
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  • Degree/Certificate Online course
    You will receive a "Professional Development Certificate"
  • Duration 5 x 2 hours, four online sessions and one hybrid session
  • Schedule 19th June 4pm - 6pm CET
    26th June 4pm - 6pm CET
    1st July 2 hours Live Hybrid-Course 1pm - 3pm (30 attendees FCFS principle)
    10th July 4pm - 6pm CET
    17th July 4pm - 6pm CET
  • Application deadline 12th June
  • ECTS credits none
  • Costs CHF 1'200
  • Teaching language English
  • Location online
  • School Business School
  • Next session June - July 2024

Course Description and Details

This course offers a comprehensive exploration of artificial intelligence (AI) applications in the banking sector. It is designed for senior executives who wish to understand the strategic, operational, and technical aspects of AI integration into banking processes. We will cover key concepts, methodologies, realworld applications, and the future trajectory of AI in banking.

Duration: 10 hours (5 x 2 hours)

Course Objectives

  • Understand the foundational principles of artificial intelligence.
  • Make first hands-on-exercises with traditional and generative AI.
  • Explore the practical applications of AI in various banking functions.
  • Analyze the impact of AI on financial services.
  • Evaluate the ethical considerations and regulatory challenges of using AI in banking.
  • Develop strategic insights on implementing AI technologies in banking operations.

Course Sessions

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in Banking
  • AI Applications in Banking
  • Generative AI in Banking
  • Ethical and Regulatory Considerations
  • AI Strategy and Implementation of AI

Resources Provided

  • Course readings: A selection of articles and case studies.
  • Access to no-code AI software tool for practical exercises.

We will work with MS Teams

  • Synchronous online sessions in MS Teams
  • Recordings of synchronous sessions are available in MS Teams Course Organisation for students who miss the live sessions.
  • Additional resources such as slides, a video walk-through, and a downloadable step-by-step exercise sheet/instructions for exercises and readings.
  • Students will have access to a variety of additional resources to support their learning.