Researcher Diaries: farmers in Cameroon respond to mulching with Tithonia

12.12.2022 The latest Researcher Diary features a post from Gil Rudaz, a BFH-HAFL bachelor’s student in International Agriculture. 

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In the third week of my bachelor thesis field assignment in Obala, Cameroon, I was already setting up farm trials with farmers. 

The aim of these on-farm trials was to observe the effects of mulching using Tithonia diversifolia on maize productivity in farmers’ fields and to gather feedback from smallholder farmers about this technique. 

Initially I carried out 32 pre-trial interviews to find interested maize farmers. The farmers organised group meetings where the trial was explained. It was very interesting to see how farmers responded to the new information I shared, to hear their questions and see the discussion between the different farmers about the improvements and difficulties of mulching with Tithonia. 

Although communication was not always easy, I learned the most about this topic - its challenges and opportunities - when working with the local farming community. In the next few months, I will follow the trials alongside the farmers, and will hopefully have some further discussions with them about mulching with Tithonia and its effects.

Researcher Diaries

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Subject area: International agriculture and rural development
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