«Swiss Digital Driving Licence» live case successfully completed

12.02.2021 A completely digitalised process for obtaining a driving licence? The students of our new master's programme Digital Business Administration investigated how to turn this vision into a reality. After four months of intensive work, they presented their concepts to the live case partners.

The current method of obtaining a Swiss driving licence is paper-intensive, drawn out and invariably requires physical presence. The Association of Road Traffic Licensing Departments (asa), Abraxas and the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) are therefore interested in digitalising and thereby simplifying all of the steps involved in the «life cycle» of a driving licence.

Tackling this complex issue required a great deal of research, creativity and solid conceptual design work on the part of the students. Working in groups, they developed a range of different approaches aimed at achieving the vision of a «Swiss Digital Driving Licence». They developed data management concepts, potential processes for future use and initial prototype platforms. They also reflected on the consequences of far-reaching digitalisation for current employees and their job profiles.

In January 2021, the students outlined their findings in virtual final presentations. Andreas Vetsch, president of asa, confirmed that a great deal of valuable input was provided and that this would help the organisations to pursue their vision further:

«Along with our partners at Abraxas and FEDRO, we all think that the students were extremely good at identifying the different challenges and developed some interesting proposals. We are very happy with the results. They offer us a broad set of ideas and I am sure that we will end up pursuing some of them. It will be interesting to see which of the student concepts comes closest to the version that is ultimately implemented.»

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