Road Traffic Licensing Department of the Future: "Swiss Digital Driving License”

13.10.2020 What if the process linked to a driving license – from the application for a learning permit ticket to the waiver or withdrawal of the driver's license – could be completely digitized? Students of the new master’s program “Digital Business Administration” are investigating this question together with the Association of Road Traffic Licensing Departments (asa), Abraxas Cari and the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO).

The processes currently connected to obtaining a driver’s license (e.g., confirmation of emergency aid course, admission to the theory test, confirmation of traffic instruction) are subject to several media breaks. Moreover, they are mostly bound to paper forms and require the presence of a member of staff in an office. The asa, Abraxas Cari and FEDRO’s vision is to digitize and thus simplify as many steps as possible in the "life" of a driver's license.

In the context of the master’s program “Digital Business Administration” at the BFH Business School, which was launched in the fall semester of 2020, 22 students are examining this topic. Specifically, they are seeking answers to the following questions:

Ein komplexes Problem mit regulatorischen Rahmenbedingungen und vielen Stakeholdern, die berücksichtigt werden müssen, wartet also auf die Studierenden. An der Kickoff-Veranstaltung in der ersten Studienwoche hatten sie Gelegenheit, die Vertreter*innen der drei Praxispartner kennenzulernen und einen tieferen Einblick in den «Live Case» zu erhalten. 

We are excited to see the first results and students, lecturers and the entire BFH Business School are very much looking forward to their further cooperation with asa, Abraxas Cari, and FEDRO.

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