Welcome Event 22th February 2019

08.03.2019 On 22th February 2019, Bern University of Applied Sciences invited all international incoming students to the semester’s welcome event.

We met at 6pm at the International Lounge of the Health Department. With my colleagues Ben Hochreutener and Stefanie Zehnder, we presented our international students different activities they can follow during their stay, including the ones of BFH sports and the ones organized by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN).

After a short walk to the Bowling Center, the bowling could finally begin. Unfortunately the number of participants was very small, but it was enough to form a few groups. They spent a couple of hours bowling strikes and spares on several lanes. Besides the amateurs, there were a few real professionals. 

To cheer us up, BFH offered an aperitif with sandwiches and snacks that was welcomed by all. The atmosphere was overall very friendly and the incoming students really enjoyed the evening. 

Category: International, University of applied sciences