Pollution Pathways

In this project we will develop a new method to perform a risk assessment analysis for the single agent indoor air pollution focussed on mitigation measures and we will apply it to two major Swiss paper-based institutions.



The Pollution Pathway Diagram: The next challenge is how to connect systematically reduction measures to the loss of collection value. We observe that pollutants are first transported in air from their source to the collection, then they react within the paper to give a chemically degraded object and finally it is the use of the object which leads to loss of value. Along this chain of mechanisms each institution has in place a number of mitigation measures. An effective way to describe and connect them systematically is to represent this chain of causal mechanisms in a diagram, which we call Pollution Pathway Diagram (Figure 1), joining pollution sources to loss of value and to insert reduction measures as barriers along the chain. In the first phase of the project we will design the Pollution Pathway Diagram for two repositories in the partner institutions.