Dr. Evelyne Aubry


Dr. Evelyne Aubry Dozentin

  • Adresse Berner Fachhochschule
    Fachbereich Geburtshilfe
    Finkenhubelweg 11
    3012 Bern


  • Forschung und Masterstudiengang Geburtshilfe

  • Adipositas und Mutterschaft


  • Masterstudiengang Geburtshilfe

  • Modul Forschungsplanung

  • Modul Masterthesis


  • Maternal obesity

  • My research focus on optimizing perinatal care for women living with obesity. I established a research group specializing in perinatal care for women living with obesity, integrating this knowledge into midwifery education. Three key challenges addressed include the medicalization of care for women living with obesity, investigating the mechanisms linking obesity to adverse perinatal outcomes by emphasizing the need for a holistic approach that considers psychosocial well-being alongside medical safety to improve outcomes.