Werner Hasler


Werner Hasler Lehrbeauftragter

  • Adresse Berner Fachhochschule
    Hochschule der Künste Bern
    Eigerplatz 5a
    3007 Bern


  • Werner Hasler is a Swiss /Liechtenstein composer, trumpet player and electronic musician. Besides his long standing collaboration with the singer and oud Player Kamilya Jubran, he runs The Outer String, a loose formation of cello, trumpet, electronics and drums. In the past years he has been working in various collaborations (with Hugo Ryser, Carlo Niederhauser, Vincent Courtois to name a few) on hybrids of exhibition/installation and live performance. His most recent work OUT THERE completes a trilogy. OUT (2016), OUT TOO (2018) and OUT THERE (2019) are space filling, audio-visual installations including live sets with audio-surround.

    Some of Hasler’s recent releases include Wa with Kamilya Jubran (2019) ; Wasl with Kamilya Jubran and Sarah Murcia (2016); The Outer String with Katryn Hasler, Carlo Niederhauser, Vincent Courtois and Christoph Steiner (2012); Hasler / Paeffgen / Berger with Karl Berger and Gilbert Paeffgen (2012); Wanabni with Kamilya Jubran (2011); flambitres with Oliver "Oli" Kuster, Urban Lienert and Dominik Burkhalter (2007); Wameedd with Kamilya Jubran (2004); Mahattaat with Kamilya Jubran (2002).