Lara Irina Ricarda Kothe


Lara Irina Ricarda Kothe Lehrbeauftragte/r

  • Präsenzzeit Mittwochnachmittag
  • Adresse Berner Fachhochschule
    Hochschule der Künste Bern
    Gestaltung und Kunst
    Fellerstrasse 11
    3027 Bern


  • lecturer Design History, Academic and Literary Writing

  • SNF-PhD Candidate Sharing Knowledge in the Arts:"THEswissTHING (1994–98), (Critical Media Lab, IXDM, FHNW Basel/Digital Humanities, Walter Benjamin Kolleg, Universität Bern)

  • design and art history

  • critical archival and publishing strategies

  • net-based art

  • media art archeology

  • interface cultures


  • HKB BA Visuelle Kommunikation

  • HKB Y Institut

  • HKB Gestaltung und Kunst

  • Geschichte der visuellen Kommunikation (HKB BA Visuelle Kommunikation)

  • Schreiben! (HKB BA Visuelle Kommunikation)

  • Wissenschaftliches Schreiben (HKB Gestaltung und Kunst)

  • Vom Strollen zum Scrollen – Der Flaneur als Motiv (HKB Y Institut)

  • there is a monster inside all of us – the monster as a tool to think about the potential of the "other" and to reflect on existing, societal ideas. (HKB Y Institut)


  • design and art history

  • critical archival and publishing strategies

  • visual culture

  • editorial design of alternative media

  • publishing as critical practice

  • crisis of representation, identity constructions and the discourse on the "Other"

  • interface design


  • Lara Kothe is a graphic designer, researcher and lecturer at the Critical Media Lab in the Institute Experimental Design and Media Cultures (IXDM) at Basel Academy of Art and Design FHNW, as well as at the Bern University of the Arts.
    Lara earned a BA in communication design at the HAW Hamburg and a MA in Design Research at the University of the Arts Bern with a thesis on the critical potential of editorial design and identity constructions in self-publications.
    She has worked on the “Wir publizieren” research project (2018–2020), investigating counter publishing in Switzerland since the 1970s at HKB. Since 2017 she has worked as a Junior Researcher at HKB in the research field of design history at the Institute of Design Research and participated as associate researcher in the SNSF-Sinergia project “Swiss Graphic Design and Typography Revisited” (2016–2020). As part of her research activities, she co-coordinated the preparatory project “Alternative Media Design” and investigated the role of design in alternative media strategies. Since 2020 she teaches in various fields, including History of Visual Communication and for Academic /literary writing in the BA Visual Communication program. Lara is a recurring guest lecturer at the Y Institute for Transdisciplinarity and serves as a mentor for final theses and on examination boards.
    At the moment she is working at the Critical Media Lab in Basel, where she is involved in setting up the research field "Critical Publishing" and working on her PhD thesis as part of the SNSF project Sharing Knowledge in the Arts:"THEswissTHING (1994–98).
  • 2022 research assistant Critical Media Lab, IXDM, FHNW, Basel
  • 2021–2022 project co-coordinator "Alternative Media Design" Institute of Design Research, HKB, Bern
  • 2020–2022 project coordinator "Wir publizieren" Institute of Design Research, HKB, Bern
  • 2017–2021 associate researcher SNSF-project "Swiss Graphic Design and Typography Revisited" Institute of Design Research, HKB, Bern
  • 2017–2022 graphic designer Atelier HKB, Bern
  • 2017 graphic designer Remco van Bladel, Amsterdam
  • 2016 graphic designer studio stg, Berlin
  • seit 2023 PhD Candidate Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Basel FHNW / Universität Bern
  • 2020 MA in design research Hochschule der Künste Bern HKB
  • 2016 BA in communication design Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften HAW, Hamburg


  • HGK Basel, SNSF-project Sharing Knowledge in the Arts:"THEswissTHING (1994–98)"



  • Junior Researcher, research field Design History, Institute of Design Research (2017–2023)


best practice example for the BA seminar "Criticism by Design" for Research-Based Teaching, HKB, Bern

shortlist nominee 2021, SGV Schweizer Grafiker Verband

Winner 2018

winner in the category "lectures/workshop/exhibition"

winner in the category "Zukunft"

Betreute Arbeiten

  • Ruch, Annik Mission Alfonso 2021

  • Kürz, Emma Kopieren, Assoziieren, Remixen 2021

  • Burckhardt, Charlotte Fake it till you make it or maybe forever 2022

  • Heinzer, Angela profiling the self 2022

  • Seiz, Rebekka Erinnerungen an Erinnerungen. Eine Spurensuche 2023

  • Gleglakou, Irini and Vidal, Anaïs Navigating the Design Industry as a Newcomer: Finding Your Space to Grow in a Competitive World 2023

  • Staupe, Selina Wissensressourcen im Wandel (Paper, 1. Colloquium) 2023

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