Declaration of consent

Consent for the creation and publication of images and video clips.

Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) promotes its education and research programmes using different communication media for different target groups. Our communication campaigns include printed and electronic media. Images and video clips are stored on a BFH server and will not be transferred to third parties.


Images and video clips are intended for publication: in printed and electronic media, e.g. on the BFH website; on BFH social media channels; in brochures, mailings, flyers, advertisements, posters, adverts in trams and customer magazines; and as illustrations for press releases, technical contributions and prospectuses, including in collaboration with partners.


By submitting this form, you give your consent to BFH creating images and/or video clips and using the material captured within the scope of the uses listed above without any restrictions in terms of time or location. You are not entitled to any financial or material compensation for such use of material. Images or video clips published on the internet can be accessed and downloaded by third parties around the world at any time. Images or video clips published online may therefore be used or altered intentionally or unintentionally by third parties.

You have the right to withdraw your consent to the use of your images or video clips in whole or in part at any time by emailing

Release of image rights