Sports Media Library

The media library of the Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen SFISM is the largest sports library in Switzerland. It is open to all interested users.

The holdings of the Sports Media Library include literature in German, French, English and Italian covering most types of sports as well as topics relevant to the study of sport:

  • Training theory
  • Sports medicine
  • Biomechanics of sport
  • Sports economy
  • Sports information science
  • Sports pedagogy
  • Sports psychology
  • Sports sociology
  • Sports history
  • Sport and the law

The library gives particular attention to the area of Sports pedagogy (Physical education) as well as to sports falling under the Youth+Sport designation.

In addition to print books and periodicals, the Sports Media Library offers access to specialized subject databases, e-journals and e-books. The collection can be searched online using the swisscovery Sportmediathek search platform.

The Sports Media Library is on the 6th floor of the main building of the Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen (SFISM/EHSM).