Industrial applications of 3D printing

As an alternative production possibility, additive manufacturing offers opportunities for innovation in many respects. New business models, opportunities for cost optimization and accelerated product development cycles are just a few examples of what additive manufacturing has to offer.

In this course:

  • you gain on understanding of the advantages of additive manufacturing for your industrial application,
  • you learn to differentiate additive processes for industrial technical applications from conventional manufacturing processes,
  • you acquire skills in evaluating business models and calculating costs.


  • Degree/Certificate Course confirmation
  • Duration 4 days
  • Schedule 10.01.2025, 23.01.2025, 24.01.2025, 6.02.2025
  • Application deadline Up to 10 days before the start of the course
  • ECTS credits None, can be credited to CAS Additive Manufacturing (12 ECTS)
  • Costs CHF 2’900.–
  • Teaching language English/German
  • Location Biel, Aarbergstrasse 46
    Hybrid teaching, remote participation possible
  • School School of Engineering and Computer Science
  • Next session Autumn 2024


You know the advantages of additive manufacturing for an industrial application. You are able to differentiate additive processes for industrial technical applications from conventional manufacturing processes. You evaluate business models and can calculate costs.

Learning objectives

  • You use additive manufacturing for technical innovations and evaluate new business models.
  • You evaluate the quality characteristics of additively manufactured components.
  • You understand which factors determine the costs of additive manufacturing and how AM-based business models can work.
  • AM supply chain
  • Serial production
  • Prototyping
  • Fixture design / Tooling
  • Function integration
  • Customised products / Customisation and personalisation
  • Spare parts, maintenance and repair
  • Excursus: design and architecture
  • AM adoption and project management (requirements, feasibility analysis, agile development, production, testing)
  • Business models and cost-effectiveness
  • Cost calculation
  • Company visit @Campofer
  • Future prospects
  • R&D engineers, production engineers
  • Project managers and product managers
  • Process developers and business development managers
  • CTOs, CDOs, managing directors

You have an affinity for technology or perform professional tasks that require a basic understanding of technology.

Partner institutions


Classes are held at Aarbergstrasse 46 in the new building of the Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne (SIPBB), which is withing easy reach of Biel/Bienne railway station.

A location with many advantages

  • Classrooms within two minutes walking distance from Biel/Bienne railway station
  • Ideal train connections from Bern’s main railway station (every 15 minutes) and from Bern Wankdorf (every 30 minutes)
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure in the new SIPBB building
  • Various catering options in the immediate vicinity
  • Innovation and networking events

And that’s not all! Biel/Bienne is…

  • an innovation hotspot,
  • a university city,
  • an industrial and service city with numerous major players in the watchmaking, mechanical engineering, precision engineering and medical technology industries and major representatives of the communications and telecommunications sectors,
  • bordered by Lake Biel and its wide range of sports and leisure facilities,
  • a city that embodies bilingualism,
  • a town with a vibrant cultural life.

Biel, Aarbergstrasse 46

Bern University of Applied Sciences

Engineering and Computer Science
Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne
Aarbergstrasse 46
CH 2503 Biel