Coronavirus: Current information

This website contains information from Bern University of Applied Sciences about the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on university operations and about specific measures taken by the BFH. For general information for the public, please refer to the information provided by the Federal Office of Public Health FOPH and the canton of Bern.

Status: 2.12.2022, 10 am

Current information

Classes for bachelor’s and master’s programmes and in continuing education 

Teaching for bachelor’s and master’s programmes and in continuing education will generally take place on site. BFH considers itself to be a face-to-face university, which means that no digital alternative is required for face-to-face courses.

Work from home 

The mobile working policy applies, enabling staff to work from home up to 50% of the time. Staff can find more information about this on myBFH


Booster vaccination: Employees who are vaccinated against the Corona virus put the time required for this in their free time. There is no entitlement to a working time credit.

Testing at BFH

The BFH no longer offers tests. The recommendations and the described procedure of the FOPH apply to testing.

It is essential that you continue to take responsibility. Continue to observe the FOPH hygiene and conduct regulations. If you contract COVID, still remain at home for five days (from symptom onset). We consider a positive test result to carry the same weight as a medical certificate.



Please note the information provided by the federal and cantonal authorities on the Corona pandemic:

All students and staff are urged to follow the FOPH’s guidelines.