Project and MSc-Thesis Presentations 25th of August 2023

Graduates and students of the Master of Science in Engineering present their master's theses and project carried out at the BFH.

25.08.2023, 9.30am–11.55am – Quellgasse 21, 2501 Biel/Bienne, Auditorium


  • Start date 25.08.2023, 9.30am–11.55am
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  • Place Quellgasse 21, 2501 Biel/Bienne, Auditorium


Presenter            Prof. Dr. Gabriel Gruener

Time Project / Thesis   Name
09.35 – 09.55            Development of Programming Guidelines and a Demonstration of Cobot Capabilities for Automated Contract-Manufacturing Processes on an AGV PA2           Fabian Levin Landolt
10.00 – 10.20 Development of a UWB Solution to Track Material Stock with an AGV in Contract Manufacturing PA2 Maria Jose Gomez Lucas
10.25 – 10.45 Detailed Design of a Cobotic Assembly Process for Integrated Automation of Modules for a CNC Grinding Machine PA2 Benjamin Theurillat
10 min Break    
10.55 – 11.15

Performance Evaluation of Neural-Network Classification for Visual Quality Control
of Dental Implants

PA2 Yanick Dick
11.20 – 11.50 Towards No-Code Collaborative Robotics: Intuitive Environment Calibration Method Thesis   Gionata Quadri