Researcher Diaries: sustainable aquaculture in Togo

20.09.2021 The latest Researcher Diary features a post from Jacques Kohli, a BFH-HAFL bachelor’s student in international agriculture.

In the context of my Bachelor’s thesis in international agriculture, I am working on the model farm of Donomadée, in Togo, for a 6-month field assignment. The farm is the product of the collaboration between the Swiss NGO "Happy Togo" and the Togolese NGO "Étoile verte". While I work on the farm, I am also conducting a feeding trial and collecting data on the growth of Tilapia and critical water parameters in the fishponds. This work is carried out together with students from the universities of Lomé and Kara.

This collaboration is allowing me to gain many insights on the local agricultural, social and economic conditions. Although there are many cultural barriers to clear and smooth communication, I find that having a similar academic background and age has enabled us to overcome most of these challenges.

Researcher Diaries

The Researcher Diaries series provides photo snapshots and testimonials from researchers and students participating in BFH-HAFL and partner projects in the field all over the world.

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