The Federal Council breaks off negotiations for a framework agreement - The swissuniversities statement

27.05.2021 Switzerland and the EU must find new scenarios for regulating their relations. The Federal Council's No to the Framework Agreement marks another period of uncertainty in Switzerland's relations with the EU. This also applies to the universities.

In the coming months, the course will be set for participation in the Horizon Europe research programmes. The EU has clearly signalled that it considers a framework agreement to be a prerequisite for Switzerland's participation. Swiss research will lose what was previously equal access to the most important international research network. Switzerland's association with the Erasmus+ education programmes is also of central importance for the strategic networking of Swiss universities. International cooperation is a prerequisite for innovation and excellence. In the future, Switzerland risks a weakening of its attractiveness and competitiveness and thus the loss of its top international position in research. In general, stable relations with the EU also appear to be indispensable for Switzerland as a centre of research and innovation. Against this background, swissuniversities calls on the Federal Council to indicate how it intends to counteract this risk and place relations with the Union on a lasting basis.

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Category: University of applied sciences