Pilot plant in operation

01.03.2021 Can Swiss wood replace fossil oil? Researchers at BFH have developed processes to extract a variety of valuable ingredients from Swiss wood. These can replace oil-based ingredients in various applications. A video shows how the pilot extraction plant, which has now been set up in Biel, works.

Secondary plant substances instead of fossil oil: Over recent years the Institute for Materials and Wood Technology has developed processes for extracting secondary plant substances from forest biomass while also preserving their functionality. Our pilot plant can be used to examine processes before the transfer to production on an industrial scale and to produce extracts for the development of applications. For example, basic raw materials or additives for use in construction materials can be obtained from the bark of Swiss wood. The extracted substances can be used in a wide variety of applications, including in low-emissions adhesives for the wood-based materials sector and in highly fire-resistant resin systems or, thanks to their high level of bioactivity, as additives in animal feed.

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