New laboratory dedicated to people with reduced mobility

11.11.2021 Enabling people with reduced mobility to get around is a major issue, but one that is often overlooked. The lack of information available about specialised equipment and the lack of interest shown in developing suitable vehicles make daily life more difficult for users. The SCI-Mobility (spinal cord injury) laboratory analyses and develops solutions for people with reduced mobility.

The SCI-Mobility lab aims to make it easier for people with reduced mobility to get around day to day. The team tests market products for users and industry. The development and prototyping of new vehicles at our lab enables the team to adopt an innovative approach to improving the safety, comfort and autonomy of the persons concerned.

Combining human and machine

Various partnerships also mean the SCI-Mobility lab is a research facility very much open to the outside world. Projects aiming to revolutionise people’s rehabilitation, participation in sport and mobility using additional means of transport are currently being carried out at this lab. Combining human and machine capabilities is an integral part of the laboratory’s research plans.

The laboratory is currently being built and will be inaugurated in spring 2022.

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