New initiative supports tech companies in the logistics sector

23.11.2021 The Swiss SupplyChainTech initiative, launched recently at Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH, makes it possible to see innovative technology-based solutions in the fields of logistics and supply chain management. With Swiss Post as a sponsor, the initiative enjoys the support of Switzerland’s biggest logistics service provider.

Whether or not the supermarket shelves are full, filling stations have fuel and the Christmas presents make it under the tree on time – all this depends on functioning processes within the various value chains. Moreover, how they are structured also plays a vital role when it comes to the issue of sustainability: companies and their products can only be as sustainable as the suppliers and upstream suppliers involved in their production, all the way back to the raw materials. Which is why new technologies, applications and processes are needed at every point in the value chain. In order to show what innovative technology-based solutions exist for the fields of logistics and supply chain management (SCM), Prof. Dr Jörg Grimm from the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management at Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) has launched the “Swiss SupplyChainTech” initiative. Swiss Post, as the biggest logistics service provider, has recognised the importance of such solutions and will support them as a partner going forward.

Startup map makes companies visible

In the first phase, the initiative focuses on the analysis of Swiss startups, mapping them on a Startup Map. The map is divided into a total of 15 categories and covers areas such as procurement, purchasing and materials management, drone technology, sustainability and shipping management. The Startup Map is constantly updated and supplemented with a database. Besides this, research projects are also being initiated – a first project on “Potentials of scaling and interoperability” will be entered in December this year.

Networking events for the exchange of ideas

In order to facilitate the exchange between emerging technology companies and stakeholders such as potential customers, investors and researchers, regular networking events are planned for the coming year 2022. In addition to offering room for discussions and the exchange of ideas, these events will give startups an opportunity to present their concept.

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