Guide to building innovation ecosystems

20.12.2022 A success at European level: a portrait of the Energy Storage Research Centre was included as best practice in the new guide for universities of applied sciences (UAS) on building innovation ecosystems.

At the end of November 2022, UAS4EUROPE, together with its Innovation Expert Group in Brussels, published a guide for UASs on building innovation ecosystems. The guide shows how UASs act as facilitators of innovation ecosystems by connecting all actors in academia, industry, public authorities and citizens, thus enabling innovation ecosystems to realise their potential. In this way, ecosystems as a whole benefit from contacts with new actors and ecosystems in other regions. The Energy Storage Research Centre was profiled in the guide as one of seven best practice examples from across Europe.

«Regions where a UAS was established saw a positive quantitative and qualitative effect on innovation-related activities.»

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