01.03.2022 Are you affected by the war in Ukraine? You can now apply for a Visiting Researcher Position at BFH Business School.

BFH Business School is supporting Ukrainian colleagues in these difficult times by setting up a dedicated Visiting Researcher Program.

The program will cover accommodation in Berne, travel if needed and a place to work for a period of 4-8 weeks.

To apply for a Visiting Researcher Position at BFH Business School please send the following information to Prof. Dr. Sebastian Gurtner (Head of Research):

  • short academic CV and research area of interest
  • description of your circumstances (place of residence, current employer, current place of residence, family you would like to bring etc.)
  • time frame in which you can be in Bern
Ukrainian flag Erlacherhof
As a sign of solidarity, the City of Berne raises the Ukrainian flag at Erlacherhof