BFH spin-off NaturLoop presents Cocoboard® in Japan

21.02.2023 Daniel Dinizo, CEO and co-founder of NaturLoop, presented the spin-off and its first product – Cocoboard® – at the "nexCafé - Material Meetup" event in Kyoto in February 2023. The event series offers Swiss researchers, start-ups, and artists a platform to present their projects to an international audience.

In 2014, a research project was launched at the Institute of Materials and Wood Technology IWH with the aim of producing a sustainable material from coconut fibres, which has since resulted in the spin-off NaturLoop. NaturLoop's first product is about to be launched on the market: Cocoboard® is natural fibre board made of coconut fibres and bio-based resin that can be used in furniture and interior architecture.

Daniel Dinizo, CEO and co-founder of NaturLoop, in Japan.
Daniel Dinizo, CEO and co-founder of NaturLoop, in Japan.

NaturLoop CEO Daniel Dinizo spoke about Cocoboard® and the spin-off on 15 February 2023 as part of the “nexCafé – Material Meetup” event series in Kyoto. The presentation comes in a fortunate timing, as the spin-off gears on accelerating the plans for building the first CocoboardÒ factory in the Philippines, as it explores the Asian market.

Innovation hotspot Switzerland

nexCafé is a Swissnex event series in Japan that was launched in 2022. Swissnex is Switzerland's global network for education, research, and innovation. It supports its partners in international networking and their commitment to the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and talent. In this way, Swissnex strengthens Switzerland's image as an innovation hotspot.

The event on 15 February focused on sustainable materials, and was attended by architects, designers, manufacturers, researchers, and craftsmen. The speakers presented their work in a relaxed setting and then had the opportunity to exchange ideas with the participants on site.

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